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We’re not just renting crushers; we’re redefining waste management. Sydney Crusher Hire is your one-stop shop for turning construction and demolition waste into revenue-generating opportunities.

Turn Rubble into Revenue with
Modern Crushers, Screeners and Shredders

Discover efficient and reliable crushing services with us because we transform construction waste into valuable resources.

Kompatto SC 221 Screener

It is the smallest self-propelled screener on the market to crush the most cramped corners. Remote control and interchangeable screens for customized sorting and management. Bonus: Affordable, versatile, and handles large workloads like its bigger counterparts.

Krokodile Shredder

Hungry for Any Material Compact Enough for Anywhere Conquer C&D, wood, tires, and dump material – this beast eats it all! Bonus: Direct feed, choice of screens, and quick setup keep your projects moving fast.

K-JC 604 Jaw Crusher

Easy transport and setup, ideal for tight spaces. Adjust settings and monitor remotely, optimize crushing efficiency. Bonus: Reverse jaw function clears blockages, and low fuel consumption saves costs.

K-JC 805 Crusher

Faster setup than ever (under 15 minutes) with maximum profit. Reverse jaw function tackles even sticky clogs and no jamming, just smooth crushing. Bonus: Remote monitoring, adjustable jaw aperture, and intuitive controls ensure convenient operation.

K-IC 70 Crusher

Quick setup under 5 minutes that minimizes downtime. Remote control adjustable parts for efficient crushing Bonus: Compact size fits in a truck, wear-resistant parts mean less maintenance and dust suppression keeps the environment clean.

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Contact Sydney Crusher Hire today for superior crusher rentals and on-site crushing solutions. Let’s crush it together for a sustainable future.

We're not just renting crushers but empowering your project's success.

At Sydney Crusher Hire, our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by providing unparalleled on-site crushing solutions. We aim to empower our clients with

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High-quality and Cutting-edge crushers are available for flexible rental durations.

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Transform your construction waste into valuable resources directly at your project site.

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We offer a diverse range of waste recycling equipment to cater all of your needs.

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Our vision at Sydney Crusher Hire is to be the leading force in on-site crushing services, setting new industry standards. We envision a future where construction projects effortlessly integrate sustainable and innovative crushing practices, and we strive to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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Our experienced team provides guidance and support throughout your project.

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Tailored rental plans to meet the unique needs and budget of every client.

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