K-JC 604 Crusher

With Komplet K-JC 604, you get

This isn’t just any crusher; it’s a compact champion that transforms waste into valuable reusable materials.

Cost-effective Solutions

Reduce landfill fees and generate reusable materials for resale or repurposing.

Versatility and Maneuverability

Conquer a wide range of materials on even the tightest job sites.

Effortless operation

We offer effortless operations and maintenance so that you focus on crushing, not complications.


How Our Jaw Crusher outwits the competition

The K-JC 604 isn’t just a crusher; it’s a game-changer. From saving costs to saving the planet, this compact powerhouse unlocks a world of possibilities. Contact Sydney Crusher Hire today and unleash the K-JC 604 crusher on your waste challenges!

Waste Warrior

Transform demolition debris, concrete, wood, and more into profitable, reusable materials. Reduce landfill costs and boost your green credentials with on-site recycling.

Feed the Beast

The integrated vibrating feeder smoothly guides materials into the 23" x 16" jaw, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Less waiting, more crushing!

Remote Ruler

Hydraulically adjust the jaw setting from afar for precise control over output size. Crush to your exact specifications, no matter the material.

Clog Conqueror

Don't let jams slow you down! The reverse jaw function clears blockages instantly, keeping your operation running smoothly and productively.

Simplicity Reigns

Forget complex manuals and hours of training. The direct drive crusher and intuitive button operation make crushing a breeze, even for beginners.

Get in, Get Out

This compact champion easily navigates tight spaces and requires minimal set-up time. Maximize workspace and minimize hassle.

Open Sesame

The access platform provides easy access for quick and effortless maintenance. Keep your K-JC 604 in peak condition with minimal downtime.

Cost-Crushing Hero

Save on transportation fees and fuel with the K-JC 604's compact size and efficiency. Lower operating costs translate to higher profits.

Sustainable Superstar

Embrace your green mission! Turn waste into resources, reduce landfill burden, and boost your sustainability credentials with on-site recycling.

Turn waste into profit with the K-JC 604!

This compact champ crunches concrete, wood, and more into reusable materials, saving you landfilling fees and boosting your eco-image. Imagine smooth feeding, precise control, and clog-busting power at your fingertips – all with easy operation and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about crushing your Sydney waste with the K-JC 604? Don’t sweat it! Dive into these FAQs and let’s chomp through any doubts you might have. From what it eats to how easy it is to operate, find all the juicy details here and get ready to unleash the K-JC 604 on your rubble kingdom!

This versatile beast chomps through a wide range! Think concrete, bricks, asphalt, wood, and even some light demolition debris. Its 23″ x 16″ jaw handles most construction and demolition waste with ease, so let the K-JC 604 turn your rubble into profitable rubble!

Simplicity is its secret weapon! The direct drive crusher and intuitive button operation make crushing a breeze, even for new users. Plus, you can adjust the jaw setting remotely, meaning no sweat and ultimate control right from the comfort of your operator seat.

Don’t let a little jam slow you down! The clever reverse jaw function clears blockages in seconds, keeping your operation churning. No need for manual intervention, just press a button and witness the clog-crushing power!

This champion is a green ally! By turning waste into reusable materials, you reduce landfill burden and boost your eco-credentials. On-site recycling with the K-JC 604 means less waste, more resources, and a greener footprint for your business.