Krokodile Shredder

Forget time-consuming, expensive waste disposal methods – Sydney Crusher Hire brings the ultimate shredding beast to your doorstep with the Krokodile mobile shredder! This isn’t just any shredder; it’s a versatile, powerful, and cost-effective solution for tackling any waste problem you throw its way.

With Sydney Crusher Hire's Krokodile, you get

This isn’t just any shredder; it’s a versatile, powerful, and cost-effective solution for tackling any waste problem you throw its way.


Unmatched Versatility

Shred anything from construction debris to garden trimmings.


Ultimate Convenience

We bring the shredder to you, saving you time and hassle.


Cost-effective Solution

Reduce landfill fees and turn waste into profit-boosting mulch.


How the Krokodile outwits the competition

The Krokodile mobile shredder isn’t just a brute force machine; it’s a tech-savvy maestro of destruction! Its innovative control system gives you ultimate control over the shredding process, no matter what you throw its way.

Intelligent shredding modes

Choose the perfect program for your material, from concrete to wood to domestic waste. No more trial and error!

Feeding made easy

The rear tilt-hopper lets you effortlessly load even awkward oblong materials. No struggle, just shredding satisfaction.

Stuck? No problem!

The reverse dual shaft function clears blockages in a flash, keeping you productive. Sticky situations have met their match.

Fine-tune your shredding

Hydraulically adjustable side walls let you control the output size, from coarse chunks to fine mulch. Customize it to your exact needs!

Swap shafts, not sweat

The quick-change shaft system lets you switch between tasks in seconds. Concrete one minute, wood the next – the Krokodile adapts.

Simple as 1-2-Shred

Forget complex controls. Easy & intuitive buttons put the power in your hands, not a manual's.

Get shredding, fast

Quick set-up time means you're chomping through waste in minutes, not hours. Efficiency is the Krokodile's middle name.

Environmental Champion

Turn waste into resource with ease! The Krokodile's precise shredding creates valuable mulch or recycled materials, reducing landfill burden and boosting your green credentials

Cost-Cutting Crunch

Don't just chomp waste, chomp down on expenses! The Krokodile's efficiency minimizes hauling costs and disposal fees.


Rent Now the recycling beast: Krokodile

Sydney waste, meet your match: the Krokodile mobile shredder! Precision control, effortless feeding, waste devoured.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Krokodile FAQ devours your questions and spits out juicy details – shredding confusion, not materials! Chomp into tonnage rates, size options, and more – all in two easy bites.

The Krokodile’s appetite depends on what’s on the menu! For tough stuff like concrete and asphalt, it devours up to 175 tons per hour. For lighter bites like wood waste, it enjoys up to 18 tons per hour. Remember, it’s not just about how much, but the quality of the chomping. Wood is lighter, so you get less tonnage per hour from the same volume.

Think of the Krokodile’s shafts as adjustable teeth. They can handle material up to 60″ wide, but for smooth chomping, stick to under 50″. Then, you get to choose the perfect bite size, from chunky 3-1/4″ pieces to fine 5-3/4″ mulch. No need to pre-cut – just toss it in and let the Krokodile do the rest!

This beast is an omnivore! It loves crunching concrete, asphalt, and wood waste, but it also enjoys domestic waste for a well-rounded meal. Think construction debris, garden trimmings, even bulky furniture – the Krokodile tackles it all, turning messy waste into manageable, reusable materials.

Absolutely! The Krokodile’s clever reverse shaft function easily clears any blockages from sticky stuff or wet clumps. Don’t let a little moisture slow down your chomping spree.