Komplet K-IC 70 Compact Crusher

Forget expensive waste disposal – Sydney Crusher Hire brings you the K-IC 70 mobile impact crusher, your on-site recycling game-changer! This mighty mini doesn’t just chomp through materials; it cuts costs, saves resources, and turns waste into profit.

With Sydney Crusher Hire's K-IC70, you get

The K-IC 70 is not like an average impact hammer crusher. This compact and cost-effective beast packs a punch, making it the ideal choice for contractors, rental houses, and small operators who must crush and recycle diverse materials on-site. 

Ultimate versatility

Crush anything from demolition debris to garden trimmings.

Built-in efficiency

Blockage release, dust suppression, and magnetic belt keep you productive.

rock crusher

Sustainable solutions

Make a positive impact on the environment and boost your green image.


How Our Compact Crusher outwits the competition

Think of it as the Mighty Mouse of Crushing, easily turning construction waste, asphalt, bricks, and glass into profitable products.

Compact Crusher

Don't underestimate its size. This pocket powerhouse can process up to 80 tph (90 US tph) of material, rivaling much larger machines. And it easily fits on a truck for ultimate portability.

Material Maestro

It's a picky eater! The K-IC 70 chomps on everything from concrete debris and asphalt to bricks, ceramics, and glass.

Remote control

Operate everything from a safe distance with the full remote functionality.

Variable speed feeder

Adjust the feeding rate for optimal crushing performance.

Jaw level sensor

Ensures smooth operation and prevents blockages.

Blockage Release

Don't get stuck! The hydraulic mechanism clears blockages quickly and efficiently.

Overband Magnet

No unwanted metal pieces sneaked through, thanks to this handy magnet.

Dust Suppression System

Keep the environment clean and your operation running smoothly.

Vibratory Feeder

No need for manual pushing with this convenient feature.

Crush like a pro, no sweat or manual needed

Ready to conquer your Sydney waste woes? Get a free K-IC 70 quote from Sydney Crusher Hire today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The K-IC70 FAQ devours your questions and spits out juicy details – shredding confusion, not materials! Chomp into tonnage rates, size options, and more – all in two easy bites.

Think mighty for its size! This beast tackles concrete, asphalt, and even some bricks, turning demolition debris into reusable resources. Perfect for smaller projects or budget-conscious chomping!

Absolutely! Friendly buttons and a clear view of the action make crushing a breeze, even for newbies. No manuals needed – just grab the controls and watch the rubble shrink!

On-site recycling is its superpower! Reduce landfill burden and boost your green cred by turning waste into reusable materials. The K-IC 70 helps you chomp waste and protect the planet.

This compact champ navigates tight spaces like a pro! Easy transport and setup make it ideal for smaller project sites or where space is limited. Crush big, move small with the K-IC 70!