Hire K-JC 805 Crusher

The K-JC 805 crusher is a user-friendly and versatile monster that tackles a wide range of materials, making it the ideal solution for medium to large recycling, contracting, and quarrying operations. Think of it as the Iron Chef of Crushing, taking in rubble, asphalt, and stones, and spitting out perfectly sized products.

With Sydney Crusher Hire's K-JC 805, you get

Boost your productivity and crush your on-site expenses with the Komplet K-JC 805 mobile jaw crusher – the ultimate beast for tackling even the toughest materials! Sydney Crusher Hire brings you this compact powerhouse, ready to dominate any crushing task you throw its way.

Unmatched Versatility

Crush anything from construction debris to quarry rock.

Maximized productivity

Conquer tight spaces and keep your project on track.

Cost-effective crushing

Reduce waste removal costs and turn materials into valuable resources.


How K-JC 805 outwits the competition

Hungry for rubble? K-JC 805 crusher devours any waste, fast & friendly. Crush smart, not sweat. Chomp any waste! Hire K-JC 805 devours materials fast, easy on-site, remote control & smart tech for crushing success.

Big Appetite, Compact Body

This compact champion can gobble up to 80 tph (90 US tph) of material, rivaling the output of much larger machines. It comfortably fits into a 40ft container for easy transport.

Material Maestro

It's not picky! The K-JC 805 chomps on everything from crushing rubble and asphalt to munching stones of various sizes.

Adjustable Crunch

You're in control! Set the CSS (closed side setting) from 20mm to 80mm to customize the output size for different jobs.

Reverse jaw function

Clogs are a thing of the past with this handy feature that keeps the crushing smooth.

Convenient to Maintain

Unlike a cranky chef, the K-JC 805 loves company. Its open chassis and access platform make maintenance a breeze..

Vibrating Feeder

You can enjoy easier feeding because this crusher has manual feeding with this smooth operator.

Overband Magnet

No unwanted metal sneaking through, thanks to this handy feature.

Non-Stop Crushing

That's right; there are no more delays with this hydraulic release patent-pending system.

Quick set-up

Get crushing in under 15 minutes. No more wasting time on assembly.

Ready to turn rubble into profit with the K-JC 805!

This budget-friendly beast devours concrete, asphalt, bricks, and more, turning waste into reusable riches. Imagine lower disposal fees, on-site recycling magic, and easy operation for all skill levels. Ditch landfills, boost your green cred, and watch your profits stack up with the K-JC 805 crusher.

Frequently Asked Questions

The K-JC 805 FAQ devours your questions and spits out juicy details – shredding confusion, not materials! Chomp into tonnage rates, size options, and more – all in two easy bites.

This heavy-duty hero tackles a wide range of Sydney rubble! Think concrete, asphalt, bricks, and even some demolition debris. Its massive 31″ x 21″ jaw devours big bites, turning waste into reusable materials and saving you disposal fees.

Don’t worry about complex manuals! The K-JC 805 boasts intuitive button controls and an accessible design, making crushing a breeze for all skill levels. Plus, you get a clear view of the process, so you’re always in control.

Absolutely! By turning waste into reusable resources, you reduce landfill burden and boost your green credentials. On-site recycling with the K-JC 805 is your eco-friendly superpower, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing your sustainability score.

Move this beast with ease! Despite its powerful jaw, the K-JC 805 is easily transported and maneuvers well on-site. Plus, set-up is quick and hassle-free, getting you from rubble to riches in no time.