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Your go-to source for professional on-site crushing services in and around Sydney. Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch crusher hire solutions tailored to your project needs.

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We’ve been crushing Sydney’s most challenging projects for years and our expertise shows. From choosing a suitable crusher to operating it safely, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Forget phone calls and paperwork. Browse our fleet, get instant quotes, and book your crusher all online in minutes. We minimize dust and noise impact using eco-friendly technologies and responsible disposal methods.

So, when you choose Sydney Crusher Hire, you’re not renting a crusher; you’re choosing a partner. A partner who’s invested in your success, peace of mind, and a sustainable future for Sydney.

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We deliver your chosen crusher directly to your project site, saving you valuable time and hassle. Let us handle the rubble removal for you.

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Browse and choose from our different kinds and sizes of crushers.

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Don't waste time. Waste disposal made easy with Sydney Crusher Hire.

Don’t just dump it, dominate it! Sydney Crusher Hire – mobile monsters that eat waste and spit out profit. Free quotes, green solutions.

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Uncover the testimonials of our delighted clients. See what our satisfied customers say about Sydney Crusher Hire – where excellence meets exceptional service in every project.

"Sydney Crusher Hire crushed my deadline stress! The K-JC 604 devoured debris, not profits. Top equipment, awesome service – crushing made easy!"
Ron Burnwood
"Womanpower meets Komplet power! K-IC 70 cleared concrete, not confidence. Easy, friendly, five stars!"
Lily Granger​
"DIY hero to crushing hero! Krokodile chomped that patio, spat out reuse gold. Back thanks you, Sydney Crusher Hire!"
Jeson Foxx