K-JC 704 Mobile Stone Crusher Hire!

Sydney Crusher Hire presents the Komplet K-JC 704, the compact crusher that packs a heavyweight punch! Don’t let its sleek size fool you—this beast tackles a wide range of materials, from concrete and asphalt to bricks and demolition debris, with versatility, maneuverability, and transportability at its core.

With Komplet K-JC 704 crusher, you get

This isn’t just any crusher; it’s a compact champion that can be your powerhouse for any rubble challenge. So If you hire K-JC 704 from Sydney Crusher Hire , You’ll hire power not bulk.

K-JC 704 crusher

Budget-Conscious Operators

Reduce rental costs and transportation fees with the efficient and compact K-JC 704 Mobile Stone Crusher Hire.

K-JC 704 crusher

Multi-Site Projects

Easily maneuver and transport the K-JC 704 Mobile Stone Crusher Hire between locations, keeping your projects moving smoothly.

K-JC 704 crusher

Smaller Projects

The K-JC 704 Mobile Stone Crusher Hire is perfect for garden renovations, landscaping jobs, and demolition cleanup where space is limited.


How K-JC 704 Mobile Stone Crusher Hire outwits the competition

Hungry for rubble, tight on space? K-JC 704 devours any bite, fits inside a box, while rivals strain and groan, stuck outside where they belong.

Mighty Mini

Small enough to fit inside a container for easy transport between sites, maximizing your workspace and minimizing setup time.


Don't underestimate its power! The K-JC 704 boasts a 680mm x 400mm jaw with hydraulically adjustable CSS, crushing tough materials with ease while keeping operating costs low.

Adaptable Appetite

This flexible champ handles a diverse range of materials, reducing your reliance on multiple machines and saving you time and money.

Remote Control Mastery

Command your crushing destiny from afar with the convenient remote control, ensuring safety and maximizing efficiency.

Simplicity Reigns

Forget complex manuals and hours of training. The direct drive crusher and intuitive button operation make crushing a breeze, even for beginners.

Get in, Get Out

This compact champion easily navigates tight spaces and requires minimal set-up time. Maximize workspace and minimize hassle.

Open Sesame

The access platform provides easy access for quick and effortless maintenance. Keep your K-JC 704 in peak condition with minimal downtime.

Effortless Maintenance

Open up the access platform for quick and hassle-free maintenance, keeping your K-JC 704 in peak condition.

Sustainable Superstar

Embrace your green mission! Turn waste into resources, reduce landfill burden, and boost your sustainability credentials with on-site recycling.

Chomp Any Waste, Fit Any Site!

Overcome tight spaces, big appetites, & tight budgets. Call Sydney Crusher Hire & unleash compact crushing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about crushing your Sydney waste with the K-JC 704? Don’t sweat it! Dive into these FAQs and let’s chomp through any doubts you might have. From what it eats to how easy it is to operate, find all the juicy details here and get ready to unleash the K-JC 704 on your rubble kingdom!

Tiny but mighty! The K-JC 704 folds neatly into a standard shipping container, making it a breeze to transport between sites. No need for trailers or extra permits – this pocket rocket travels light!

Don’t let its size fool you! This champ boasts a 680mm x 400mm jaw with adjustable crushing settings, devouring concrete, asphalt, bricks, and even light demolition debris with ease. Think big appetite, compact package.

Absolutely! The K-JC 704 features intuitive controls and even comes with a remote control for added convenience. Plus, our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions and provide quick tutorials. Crushing confidence starts here!

For smaller projects or budget-conscious operators, renting the K-JC 704 is a smart move! You save on upfront costs, reduce maintenance obligations, and only pay for the exact time you need the crusher. Rent power, not debt!