The Crushing Truth About Hiring the Right Machine for Your Construction Jobs

Demolition, construction, and recycling projects all have one thing in common: they often generate a lot of waste. But what do you do with all that concrete, rock, wood, and brick? That’s where industrial shredders, crushers, and screeners come in!

In this post, we’ll break down the different types of equipment available for hire and help you hiring the right machine for your project.

Crushing It: Industrial Shredders vs. Crushers

  • Industrial Shredders: Ideal for shredding large volumes of paper, plastic, and wood for recycling or disposal. They come in various sizes and can handle everything from a few sheets of paper to bulky pallets.

When it comes to wood waste, consider a wood chipper hire for smaller branches and a heavy-duty industrial shredder for larger pieces.

  • Industrial Crushers: Designed for tougher materials like concrete, rock, and brick. They come in a variety of configurations, including:
  • Concrete Crushers: Perfect for reducing concrete rubble to usable gravel for road base or landscaping projects.
  • Rock Crushers: Can handle a wide range of rock sizes, from demolition debris to large boulders. Crushed rock can be used in construction projects, road building, or as a decorative landscaping material.

hiring the right machine

Screening Out the Extras

  • Screeners: Once your material has been crushed, a screener can be used to separate it into different sizes. This is useful for creating specific-sized gravel for construction projects or sorting recyclables.

Considering a Mobile Hire?

Many companies offer mobile versions of shredders, crushers, and screeners. These can be a great option for projects where space is limited or if you need the machine for a short period.

Here are some additional terms you might encounter when searching for equipment hire:

  • Mini Crusher: A smaller, more portable version of a traditional crusher.
  • Crusher and Screener Hire: Some companies offer combination units that can crush and screen material in one step.

Finding the Right Hire Company

  • Local Knowledge: Look for a company with experience in your area. They’ll be familiar with the types of materials commonly encountered in your region and can recommend the right equipment for the job.

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